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GRP (Good Regulatory Practice) & RIA (Regulatory Impact Analysis) facilitation

Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) is defined as internationally recognised processes, systems, tools, and methods for improving the quality of regulations (OECD). GRP is conducted to ensure regulations are effective in addressing the desired public policy objectives in an accountable, equitable, and transparent manner. Next, Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is described as a process of examining the likely impact of a proposed regulation and a range of alternative options which could meet the Government’s policy objectives.

In August 2021, GRP Sabah was passed via General Circular No. 1/2021 by the Sabah State Secretary, and the State Policy that is supported by the Sabah GRP Policy was passed in September 2021. The aim of GRP Sabah is to support efforts to realise the economic development goals of Sabah through good governance and effective service delivery in line with Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya Pelan Pembangunan SMJ 1.0 (2021-2025).

Thus, government agencies are required to conduct periodic reviews of their regulations within three years after their implementation. The periodic shall require active participation from relevant stakeholders to consider, among others, success level, constraints, or changes. Therefore, Danasafe Services provides facilitation services on GRP and RIA, and we also offer a write-up for a summary report on the outcomes from the facilitation activities.